Sports Clubs

Sports Epidemic Walk & Run Club

Sports Epidemic’s Walk & Run Club is for walkers and runners who want to encourage one another towards physical fitness, no matter where you like to walk or run. We use a weekly challenge format using Strava to track walking and running progress. 

1.  Download the Strava App- Create a User Account/Profile

2.  Select Clubs, Search and Join the Sports Epidemic Walk and Run Club

3.  Walk or Run multiple times a week based on your weekly goals (for example- 3 times a week for 3 miles= 9 weekly miles)-  use the Record option to capture your workout- you can adjust your privacy settings in the app to determine what others can view

4.  Encourage one another through activity posts

5.  Invite family and friends to join

Get out there and achieve your fitness goals!

Sports Epidemic Inc.